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Hypoxia remains a constant threat throughout life. Often, the person affected will not likely notice the symptoms. As the severity of symptoms increases the hypoxia grow worse increasing associated risks.

If you prefer to learn about Hypoxia by reading a well written textbook, we recommend a selection of best books from (below). Providing a detail overview of hypoxia, hypoxia symptoms and types, the recommended books address the distinctive problems that hypoxia presents to vulnerable organs such as the kidney, liver, heart and brain.

The pathological events in addition to protective mechanisms are also covered. Experts in the field have combined topics such as skeletal muscle angiogenesis and hypoxia, high altitude pulmonary edema, new insights into the biology of the erythropoietin receptor, and the latest advances in cardiorespiratory control in hypoxia and much more...

The recommended books are sorted by most popular textbooks about hypoxia followed by books on related topics. Click on the book icon to see the details, readers’ reviews, scores - or - press on Shopping Cart to purchase the book directly from

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) significantly increases the oxygen diffusion driving force, thus increasing oxygen availability to tissues. This helps to correct negative effects of hypoxia and restore normal tissue oxygenation. By altering conditions of local hypoxia, HBO also facilitates the wound-healing processes such as fibroblast proliferation or angiogenesis.

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