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John W. Erb, P.E., owner Hyperbaric Oxygen, S.A. in Costa Rica

by John W. Erb, P.E.
(Guadalupe, Costa Rica)

Prompted by 'The Uncertain Miracle' by Vance Trimble (1974); I designed and had built 4 prototype HBOC's here in Costa Rica.

#1 (1997) is a horizontal cylinder with L=7', D=3'. You enter it feet first through an 18+"square opening, then seal it with a Plexiglas door-window. #3 is a 12-place, and #4 is a 6-place.

All are run from the inside, and use the interior air pressure to seal their respective doors. My oxygen delivery is unique, in that I use 2nd stage SCUBA (hookahs) with the mouthpieces removed and silicon CPR masks attached.

Also, I don't vent the expired breath. Rather, I have a high pressure water system in case of fire. Over the years, I have written a book, "HYPER HEALTH"; that has been revised about 6 times. I am almost 80 years old, but remain in superb physical condition, with 698 hours of HBO.

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