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President of Hyperbaric Oxygen, S.A.

by John W. Erb, P.E.
(Tuis, Costa Rica)

I am an CA certified engineer, who has resided in Costa Rica for 27+ years. During the last 15 years I have designed and had built 4 prototype Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, and have designs, but have not yet built prototypes #5 and #6.

The respective capacities for the prototypes are: 1, 2, 12, 6, 2, and 8 persons. My Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers differ from others in the following ways. The oxygen delivery is by a 2nd stage SCUBA regulator with the mouthpiece removed and a CPR in its place.

The expired breath is not vented, but rather a high pressure nozzle water system is available for fire protection. The inside air pressure seals the door. The operator is inside.

Thus the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers' cost is greatly reduced. The 6-place Hyperbaric Chamber is on my rancho near Tuis de Turrialba, just westerly of Rancho Naturalista.

My primary purpose for designing and using the above Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers is to maintain health as I age. So now at 80 years; I have superb health, with 756 hours of HBOT. If anyone has questions or comments, I would like to hear from them.

Contact: John W. Erb, P.E. tel. 2554-8101 or 8714-0939 or

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