Prof. Eugene Levich: A Story Behind A New Research Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.

Eugen Levich, Professor of Theoretical Physics and Engineering

My name is Eugene Levich and I am 62 years old. From the age of 14 when I entered the University in Moscow I have been working in theoretical physics. Over the last 30 years I have been involved in advanced technology and scientific studies in the USA and in Israel.

On the February 16th 2009, while crossing the street near my home in Tel-Aviv, I was hit by a large car. I sustained severe head and leg injuries and my life was saved by wonderful Israeli surgeons. For a long time I remained in a critical condition in intensive care in Ichilov and Tel-Hashomer hospitals, in Tel-Aviv, with multiple injuries. My feet were so badly damaged that it seemed likely that they would have to be amputated. However, what devastating was that my cognitive abilities were severely impaired and my memory almost destroyed.

While I was lying in hospital, virtually incapable of thought, I received a copy of my new book which had just been published. It summarized my life time’s work about one of the most complicated subjects in modern science. When I opened my book I found to my horror that I could not understand a single formula; in fact, I did not even understand why I had written it.

8 months after my accident in an attempt to save my feet from amputation I was sent to undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatment in a center in Haifa organized and led by Dr. Yehuda Melamed. The treatment itself is described elsewhere in this website, but I can state with the confidence of an experienced scientist the following:

  1. The wounds on my feet started to heal with an obvious increase in speed and I escaped the otherwise inevitable amputation.
  2. Even more dramatic and unexpected as far as my case is concerned was that after about 50 sessions of hyper oxygenation my cognitive abilities began to improve in a major way. My book actually began to make sense and I regained an understanding of the technologies I had been researching in a remarkably invigorated manner.

This very personal experience was observed by colleagues who are scientists working in three different disciplines, Applied Mathematics, Physical Chemistry and Physics. We discussed the clear failure of mainstream medicine to understand the physics of oxygen transport to cells and decided to undertake a study of the physical factors involved using the quantitative language of the pure sciences and guided by Dr. Melamed. This we feel is needed so that the scientific and medical communities can understand the reasons for the success of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. We have been assisted in this project by the UK authority in this field, Prof. Philip James.

The first result of our joint effort is the paper published on this website. It is currently under review by a leading international physico-chemical journal and we hope will be soon accepted for publication. We are planning much wider joint research by theoretical, experimental and medical tools with the goal of presenting the facts to the public and finally convincing the international medical community that the hyperbaric oxygen treatment is beneficial and necessary for many ailments of body and mind.

Eugene Levich, Professor of Theoretical Physics and Engineering (City College of CUNY, resigned), 29 August, 2010, Tel-Aviv.

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