Portable Hyperbaric Chambers SOS Hyperlite

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers SOS Hyperlite

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers are designed to support an ever-growing necessity to use more aggressive and pathophysiologically adequate techniques of emergency and intensive care in the early stages of natural disasters, battlefields and terrorist acts.

SOS Hyperlite Ltd is the original developer and remains the sole manufacturer of the Hyperlite hyperbaric stretchers, a folding portable hyperbaric chambers for human occupancy (PVHO), suitable for treating and when required, the transportation of an injured person, whilst still under pressure to a medical facility.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers SOS Hyperlite

This portable hyperbaric chamber system provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to the patient wearing an ‘on demand’ breathing mask or hood. A hyperbaric stretcher at the site of an accident, disaster or other emergency enables a casualty requiring HBOT to be treated immediately, ensuring the likelihood of early and complete resolution.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers SOS Hyperlite

Designed and built for quick deployment, this award winning first response portable hyperbaric chamber is the only non-metallic chamber ever to have met the arduous requirements of the US National Standard - ASME PVHO-1, through a Code Case. The very light unit relies on braided Vectran™ fibre yarn to give it such phenomenal strength.

The Hyperlite is quick to assemble - and easy to use. It may be used at a remote incident site, during transportation to, or in the comfort of a hospital, where full medical support is available.

About SOS Hyperlite Ltd, Portable Hyperbaric Chambers Manufacturer

  • SOS Hyperlite are the inventors of the Hyperbaric Stretcher & Treatment System, conceived back in 1987
  • The Hyperlite is still the ONLY non-metallic hyperbaric chamber allowable under the Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy (PVHO), the US National Standard. The ASME PVHO-1 regulations are universally respected
  • In 2008, SOS Hyperlite signed a joint development agreement with RFD Beaufort Ltd, specialists in the field of inflatable life-saving technologies, to develop the Hyperlite Mod 1 incorporating new braiding technology
  • The system is capable of providing every 100% Oxygen hyperbaric therapy on scene and at up to 18,000 ft altitude with the added capability of patient Transfer Under Pressure at most multiplace medical hyperbaric facilities
  • The vessel weight is about 100lb (40kg) plus the casualty
  • Full operational set up can be completed within 15 minutes
  • The system packs down into 1 large wheeled case and 2 small cases plus air and oxygen gas sources
  • The system is suitable for helicopter or parachute pallet delivery
  • The stretcher system is always air filled, with BIBS oxygen and air (for air breaks) being supplied directly through the control box
  • All exhaled gases are overboard dumped and there is no need to breathe stretcher (chamber) air
  • An externally adjustable positive flow mask is available as an alternative
  • Optional items include medical lock, oxygen and/or carbon dioxide monitor, IV line, additional monitoring, mechanical/electrical (to 14 pin max.) connectors and adapters to allow use of other cylinders
  • Each unit has a maximum diameter of 23½ in (590 mm) allowing them to pass through any submarine hatch for surface transfer. Dry zipped storage bags are available for onboard storage

The New Hyperlite Mod.1

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers SOS Hyperlite

  • Improved packing/easier storage (1 large case in place of 2)
  • Overall weight reduction Increased pressure rating
  • Innovative new tube technology
  • Far more durable
  • Very easy to unfold and refold
  • Minimal servicing requirement
  • 20 year life, except the folding tube, which has a 10 year life

Applications Of SOS Hyperlite Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

Decompression Sickness & AGE

  • Divers or submariners require immediate recompression after suffering DCS (Decompression Sickness) or AGE (Air/Arterial Gas Embolism)
  • Hyperbaric Facilities are usually several hours away. In Submarine Escape scenarios, rescue craft may even take days to deploy to the accident scene
  • Transfer from the scene without early recompression may result in permanent injury
  • Greatest possibility of complete recovery is to administer Hyperbaric Oxygen on a Vessel of Opportunity & Transfer (patient) Under Pressure

First on the Scene

  • The Hyperlite’s versatility allows transfers from storage locations to the first vessel of opportunity far quicker than other hyperbaric systems
  • On site, Hyperlites can be set up and be fully operational well within 15 minutes of arriving on scene. This provides injured personnel with the best chance of survival after their ascent from depth

Benefits in many Scenarios

  • Hyperlites can be strategically located along coastal borders
  • They have the capability of transferring casualties to other medical facilities during treatment
  • They are available whilst on stand-by for use by other dive teams and can be dispatched quickly and easily in the case of a submarine incident, an EOD or IED incident or other natural disaster
  • Particularly beneficial for Special Operations use in remote locations
  • They are also the preferred equipment for treating carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation and altitude sickness

Battlefield Medicine

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is already accepted for treatment of Crush Injury and Blood Loss Anemia
  • Research by US Government into the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for treating Traumatic Brain Injury is ongoing. Early indications suggest significant improvement of mental health
  • The US Military currently have Hyperlites in service in both Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Hyperlites currently have Echelon 2 approval and can be used to transfer injured soldiers from close to the front line to medical facilities. The increased oxygen levels in the blood provide essential life support, particularly at altitude where oxygen levels are significantly lower

Prototype Testing

  • Pressure tested to 6x max. operating pressure (with full pressure retention for 30 minutes)
  • 3ft (90cm)Drop Test with 200lb ballast at 45o
  • Cold Storage Inflation Tests
  • Cyclic Test (10,000 complete cycles)
  • Solar Radiation, Salt Fog Resistance, Vibration & EMC Tests


  • ASME/PVHO – 1 & Code Case 12 Compliant
  • ISO 13485: 2003 Quality Assurance Standard
  • Health Canada Approved
  • EC Directive for Medical Devices 93/42/EEC (CE mark)
  • FDA Compliant
  • US Navy Diving & Manned Hyperbaric Safety Certification
  • All Testing witnessed by Lloyd’s Register EMEA

Existing Customers

  • Well over 100 Hyperlites are in service in 21 countries including the USA, Russia and China
  • US Military & Government Agencies have purchased over 40 units including:
    • US Army
    • US Air Force
    • US Special Operations
    • US Navy
    • US Coast Guard
    • NOAA
    • NASA